Clickfree Backup Software- Free Until January 19

Clickfree Backup SoftwareNo one likes to backup the data on our computer, but when we lose it, we sure wish we had! Programs like Clickfree Automatic Backup software make the process easier, and right now (for just two more days) you can get a personal copy of Clickfree Backup software for free. It’s valued at $34.99, and the license is for a single PC. This is for the full license, not a trial version.

The software works by performing an automatic content search on your computer and backing it up to a USB storage device, such as a flash drive or external hard drive. (Given the amount of content on my computer, I’ll be using the external hard drive!).

The device you back up to does not have to be a dedicated device; that is, you can still use it for purposes other than backing up.

You can get more information about the product here:

Clickfree Automatic Backup Software

This was a special the company was running during the week of the Consumer Electronics Show (last week). But when their servers crashed due to overwhelming demand, the company decided to extend the offer for a few days.

You can get it for free right now by going here:


But please hurry, as there’s not much time left. And incidentally, that’s no affiliate link. It’s just a great deal I wanted you to know about.

And after you download the Clickfree Backup software, don’t let it just sit on your hard drive. Start using it! :-)

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